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How I Got A Million Followers On Twitter

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Of course you do, you can never have enough followers!

This book can help you massively increase your followers by showing you the exact methods I used to gain over a million followers on my Twitter account

Yes, you read that correctly, I’m going to tell you EXACTLY what I did to achieve this milestone.

As you are probably aware, there are a lot of methods and strategies touted as THE way to build a following, and most do not work. Well, I have tried them all and found the methods that DO work.

I can tell you the EXACT METHODS I used to build my account. They worked for me and I believe that if you implement the same methods that I did, they will work for you too.

Whether you’re struggling to grow, or are starting an account from scratch, you can implement the same methods I did to start building a HUGE following today.


My name is Seff and as well as running I also run an ‘Inspirational Quotes’ Twitter account @SeffSaid. As I mentioned, this account has over a million followers and what’s more, I don’t follow anyone back. @SeffSaid is now one of the largest quote accounts which is incredible as I only started the page as an experiment to see if I could grow a large Twitter account!

So why did I start a quotes page? I’ve always enjoyed reading inspirational quotes and was quite impressed by the number of followers some of the accounts had amassed.

Being someone who has always loved a challenge, I thought, I could do that! I could build a quotes site with lots of followers. How difficult could it be? Well, as it turns out, it was pretty difficult. I had no idea how to attract and gain followers and keep them coming back.

So I read a massive amount of information on the different ways to build a following. And as I mentioned above, there’s a large amount of information available claiming to be THE way to build a following, and most DO NOT work.

I knew however that I absolutely did NOT want to use bots, I did NOT want to spam, and I was not interested in follow for follow. I only wanted to use LEGITIMATE METHODS that organically built a following.

Eventually, I felt I had read enough and started implementing the strategies about which I had been reading. My initial target was to see if I could get 10K followers. After a HUGE amount of trial and error, trying different strategies, techniques, and methods, I started to find ways of getting followers that actually worked. And I soon achieved my goal of 10K followers.

So I set my next target at 20K which I thought was pretty unlikely. But the account kept growing. It went past 20K, hit 50K, and then made it to 100K. I was stunned! It was then that I set my sight on a million followers. I figured other people do it, why not me?

Well, I made it to a million and now I’m aiming for 2 million.

My account is still gaining new followers every day and I believe if I keep implementing the techniques I’ve been using since I started the account and detailed in this book, I will achieve 2 million followers.

These strategies worked for me, and I believe that if you implement the same methods that I did, they should work for you too!
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Verified Buyer

8 months ago

Definitely worth reading if you want a big following

Very informative and easy to read. Thanks.


Verified Buyer

9 months ago

If you read just one book on getting followers, read this one!

Excellent book. Easy to read and details many great ways to get followers. Very happy with my purchase. Thanks Seff!

Harry D.

Verified Buyer

9 months ago

Lots of great info

Very informative. I learned a lot. Thanks.


Verified Buyer

9 months ago


Very interesting to read the methods used to build a big following. I recommend.


Verified Buyer

9 months ago

Just What I Was Looking For

Just the book I was looking for. This has helped give me a way forward to build my following. Thanks!
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